Espen Heen

Oil painter

Roller blinds

Size, medium, technique, year

49x59 cm, Oil on canvas, Sfumato with multiple glazes/scumbles, 2020

Getting a new toy, like black out roller blinds for the guest bedroom inspires new creations, like a portrait painted from life under candle light. Candle light was often used in the old days, as the flickering warm flame was said to be flattering to the subject. Between a photograph of the subject, and a mirror, to wrap my own skin colour around the subject turned this into a self portrait of someone else.

PSA Sitch with his sidekick Adam Friended are two renowned journalists whom review current events in a sunday sunday special. On occasion they have guest appearances by celebrities like Veeh, Aydin Paladin and Carl Benjamin. Albeight clouded in shades, PSA Sitch has revealed some details about himself, but far from enought to make a realistic portrait of him naked in bed with a candle. Consider this an artists rendition.